Is it legal to buy Ketamine online?

Is it legal to buy Ketamine online

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Is it legal to buy Ketamine online without a prescription?

It is perfectly legal to buy Ketamine online if you have a prescription. We all know the only reason why people go online to buy drugs is that they cannot get a prescription hence try to get it from rogue pharmacies. Whether you are buying Ketamine powder, liquid, or nasal spray online, Bitcoinmedelin have you covered.

You do not need a prescription to be able to buy Ketamine online from us. All you need is an address and a Bitcoin wallet. With the above information, we will supply you with whatever quantity of Ketamine you need.

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Medical uses of Ketamine

Ketamine is a dissociative meaning it is used to induce anesthesia. It is also used as a recreational drug. It is very simple to administer and highly tolerable compared to drugs with similar effects which are flammable, irritating, or even explosive.

At anesthetic doses, Avoid Ketamine scams is used in relieving pain, and at lower doses to treat treatment-resistant depression.

Risks of buying Ketamine online

On whether is it legal to order Ketamine online posts, we will be looking at the risks involved. There are many risks involved in buying Ketamine online with the first being losing your money to scammers. The problem of fake vendors is an ever-present one, you send money and don’t receive anything. The experience can be very traumatizing and we have been doing our best to give buyers a heads-up.

Our website features a scam list page that shows the addresses of scammers and fake vendors. You can go there and make a verification before committing to avoid buying Ketamine online.

The second one is your package getting caught by the authorities during delivery therefore to avoid this, you must find a vendor who has a track record of always supplying.

We have heard cases of people getting arrested by the Police after their packages were intercepted. Bitcoinmedelin has been doing this business for more than 5 years and our delivery has always been 100% successful. legal ketamine street price

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