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Buy Pure Cocaine online AKA coke is a powerful stimulant made from the leaves of the South American coca shrub (Erythroxylum coca).

The leaf extract is processed to produce 3 different forms of cocaine:

Cocaine hydrochloride: a white, crystalline powder with a bitter, numbing taste. Cocaine hydrochloride is often mixed, or ‘cut’, with other substances such as lactose and glucose, to dilute it before being sold.

Freebase: a white powder that is more pure with less impurity than cocaine hydro-chloride.

Crack: crystals ranging in color from white or cream to transparent with a pink or yellow hue, it may contain impurities.

It makes the brain release its natural ‘feel good’ chemical dopamine.

A hit with either coke or crack comes fast, usually within a minute, making you feel exhilarated, alert, full of energy, confident, sociable, talkative and physically strong. And stops the feeling of hunger or tiredness and kills pain.

Its effects last up to half an hour if you snort it and less if you smoke or inject it.
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